Saturday, June 5, 2010

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*Historic image fees:

Research: $30/hour, minimum 1/2 hour @$15
Shipping and handling, Spokane, $4; Washington state, $5; out of state, $6 for 1-2lbs. Large lots, actual postage + $4 S&H fee.
Photographic image, B&W from 35mm negative, 8x10 $15/image; 11x14 $25/image.
Cropped, toned, enhanced or special effects, request price estimate per order.
Digital Image: 300dpi, $15/image; 600dpi, $25/image.
Public Display (Commericial space or exhibition): $30/image
Internet/website: Personal website, $30/image; Commercial website, $120/image.


  1. Orders must be prepaid with cash or through Pay Pal, unless other arrangements are made prior to deliver of order.
  2. Reproduction does not imply permission to reproduce under United States copyright law, nor does it indicate that I own copyright or non-exclusive license rights to original photographs.
  3. License to use image(s) is non-exclusive and for one-time use unless prior arrangement is agreed on.
  4. Special requests will be considered and are subject to special agreements, and I reserve the right to charge additional fees for items that pose unusual difficulty in scanning or reproducation.
  5. No rights are given to allow image modification or out of context representation, except by prior special arrangement.